Top 5 Point-of-Sale Systems for Boutiques


Industry-specific point-of-sale systems have helped boutiques to perform certain functions such as looking up a customer’s purchase history in addition to tracking which items sell most. A list of best POS systems for boutiques include:

1. ShopKeep

Over 20,000 businesses use this POS across the U.S. It runs on iPad and has features such as inventory management, employee management, and customer management. It can view real-time back-office reports from anywhere using the ShopKeep Pocket app. The sales report includes details of what bestsellers to stock and the purchase patterns of a customer. It integrates with QuickBooks, AppCard, and MailChimp. You can use the information on a customer’s purchase pattern to create a tailored marketing campaign. It has the capability to import SKUs using CSVPrint barcodes to scan items at the register.

2. Shopify

This POS is considered to be the second most popular currently in use. Over 150,000 businesses use this POS that makes use of an iPad register. You can use it to sell or accept payments using your Android or iPhone. It provides you with an option of using your existing processor as well as credit card equipment. Its inventory management feature is very robust offering an online and offline inventory syncing. You can manage your brick and mortar shop and online store from its online dashboard. It easily integrates with QuickBooks and Xero. Its detailed reporting and analytics help you to identify your bestsellers as well as display which of your items are running low.

3. Vend

This popular POS can operate either from an iPad app or a web browser. It integrates with Shopify. Using Vend with your existing POS system and existing merchant services provider is a breeze. It is scalable and offers businesses with less than ten products a free plan. Apart from Shopify, it integrates seamlessly with lots of software. It has a product catalog feature which includes images, price, and variations in color, size, and much more. Its inventory and sales report are offered in real-time. There is also a customer and inventory management feature. Editing products on this software is easy.

4. Bindo

Originally designed for local mom-and-pop businesses, this iPad POS supports mobile commerce and purchase order support. It is intuitive and easy to use letting you have your staff trained in under 30 minutes. It boasts of over 300 features and integrates with QuickBooks and Xero. It offers an invoicing feature and supports EMV card. It unifies its online and offline inventory. It has a module for loyalty and CRM with gift support. There is also an employee management feature that helps you manage your employees. This feature also offers a time clock for clocking in. It has the capability to support a high volume of transactions. There is also a supply chain management feature.

5. Quetzal

This iPad POS is specifically designed for clothing and shoe retailers. It also works from a web browser sporting cool features such as the ability to “thumbs down” or “thumbs up” a customer. It allows you to track what a customer buys taking note of the color, material, size, and vendor. This detail is used for targeted email promotions. It also integrates with Shopify and offers as much as 10,000 items in addition to 2,000,000 SKUs. It is EMV compliant and has the capability to categorize your best customers based on vendor or merchandise. It presents its reports in colors and graphs. There is the availability of a clothing and shoe matrix.

The POS systems listed are all cloud-based and work well for boutiques.