Top 4 POS Software for Retail Business


Users of a point-of-sale software are happy with the help that they get from it. It has truly improved the efficiency of their organizations and improved the satisfaction levels of their customers. Here is a list of best retail point of sale software:

1. Epos Now

Epos Now offers customer management, inventory management, and retail accounting in addition to the Point of Sale solution that it is known for. The cloud-based application is compatible with Android, iPad, Mac, and Windows. Some of what this POS module offers is the ability to discount items or void transactions, age verification, barcode and credit card scanners, electronic scale integration, and a staff time clock.

This inventory software makes it possible for you to monitor inventory, purchase orders, supplier database and much more. Its implementation process includes the ability to migrate all the data of your customer data of your stock, and products to the new system.


Retailers with multi-channels and multi-locations make use of this cloud-based application to access its administrative functions across all device irrespective of where they are. It makes use of the current cutting-edge multi-touch capabilities. This enables its users to navigate the menu just like they would with an iPad. It can be run offline in a situation where there is no internet connection.

It comes with a compelling inventory management function such as the ability of a user to track products in different locations using multiple units of measurement. This application’s module supports every necessary hardware peripheral attached printers, payment terminals, scanners, and scales.

3. Talech Register

Inventory management, customer management, and analytics are part of what a user gets with a POS solution. You can access it from an iPad or a computer from anywhere because it stores all of its data in the clouds. It is used for taking orders from customers and processing of payments. It is possible to attach a discount to a single item or an entire order depending on what you aim to achieve.

The system automatically displays the details of any discounts applied. Some of the features which you get from its inventory management are its bulk upload as well as an edit option. Users can take advantage of the detailed reporting which is built into the system of this software.

4. ONsight

Growing companies use the full-featured ONsight POS solution to manage a minimum of three stores in addition to multinational enterprises. The touch-screen system of this cloud-based application offers warehouse allocation, management, and merchandising. You can use a mobile device to look up items located at other stores as well as item images. It has back-office management features used to centralize business data across various offices for staff.

Its CRM system provides loyalty programs, pricing, product preferences, and purchase history of a customer. ONsight offers users with ready-made reporting templates that would help them with their product management, purchase order processing, as well as stock control.

These are some of the best retail point-of-sale software which you can find in today’s market.