Toast POS Pros and Cons


Toast is one of the best tools that happened in the food service industry. It is a tablet-based POS system that works exclusively on Android devices. Designed for the food service industry, restaurant owners, for instance, have used it to improve their customer service delivery as well as a reduction in expenses.

This cloud-based restaurant management platform has enabled businesses within this industry to improve their efficiency. The robust solution which it provides for the food service industry has profited bakeries, bars, breweries, coffee outlets, fine dining restaurants, pizza chains, and quick service restaurants. The software has the following pros and cons:


1. Reliance on Android Devices: Toast differentiates itself from other POS systems by relying on Android devices. This is a good thing since more people use an Android device than Apple. Trying to include access for an iOS device might make Toast compromise on certain aspects. The relative freedom and flexibility that comes with using an Android device happen to be one of the reasons why it has fascinated itself to so many users.

2. Cost: This software is finely poised with its subscription price at par with the average for the POS market. By being neither too cheap nor too high, this software fits into the budget of many businesses. When you compare the subscription price of this software that relies on an Android device and its hardware to that offered by those who use an iOS device, it is so much cheaper.

3. Online Ordering: This works just like the loyalty programs. The online ordering integration of this software stands it apart from what is typically obtained in a restaurant management software. This unique functionality of Toast is touted to be really good. Based on the reviews of those who have used the software, it seems that majority of them chose Toast because of this particular functionality.


1. Limited Payment Processing Options: One of the greatest challenge facing this beautiful software is the limited option it gives as far as payment processing is concerned. It requires you to use a Toast payment processor or forget about it. It is not like its payment processor does not function properly. The issue is in giving people no other option to choose from apart from the one that is offered. People love options even if they are not going to take it up.

2. Poor Customer Service: When business owners decide to purchase a software, one of the critical areas they look at is the willingness of the support team to be of assistance when it is needed. Toast fails in this regard. Based on the number of customer complaints made, the customer service staff who attended to them failed to help them with their requests. In some other cases, they were simply redirected to Toast’s online knowledge database. There is no point in having a customer service team if you cannot receive any help from them.

3. Bug Issues: There have been reports stated by some users of this software about bugs being in the software. This can be bad for business since it may cause a breakdown in the workflow process. It is an area which Toast need to improve on as soon as possible.

Toast is a full-service POS solution that works for those in the food service industry. Its reliance on Android devices has made it affordable and versatile.