Review of Loyverse Cloud-Based POS


If you’re looking for a free POS system that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, Loyverse POS should be among the applications you consider. It is a cloud-based software that does not require any commitments, contracts, and credit cards. Despite the few features which it has, it possesses the ability to keep track of sales. It can be used to manage customer relationships, visualize sales analytics, inventory management and customer loyalty programs with the capability to support barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

This free POS app is ideal for a bar, beauty salon, cafe, car wash station, coffee shop, food truck, kiosk, restaurant, retail store, and so much more. The following benefits explain why a lot of businesses do go for it:

1. Free App: This is the first benefit that draws business owners to Loyverse. The app is free to download. Although it does not have many features, the ones that it has cover the basic functionalities required for most startup businesses.

2. Mobility: You can access this application regardless of where you are. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This allows you to sign up new customers and build your customer base using your smartphones and tablets. As long as you are with your mobile device, you can manage your inventory, monitor sales, and handle a lot of business functions.

3. Offline Capability: This app enables you to keep track of your sales at all times. Even when there is no internet connectivity, you are not denied the knowledge of what your sales look like. It takes care of this by recording your sales when you are offline.

4. Customer Management: Loyverse knows that your customers are your most prized asset. This is why it helps you identify who your loyal customers are. For you to constantly have repeat sales, you would need to encourage your loyal customers by giving them incentives. With this application, you can create a loyalty program where you reward your loyal customers with points depending on the amount spent on your products or services. You may decide to issue them refunds as well as offer them discounts. Whichever option you choose would delight them and make them come back to you. You also have the capability to help your customers keep records by printing receipts for them or easily send them an electronic receipt.

5. Management of Inventory: This one area of managing a business that is very daunting. However, this application has made the management of inventory to be a breeze. You can determine the best way of keeping records that work for you. You may opt to either categorize your items according to price and so on.

6. Sales Analytics: You can use the sales analytics of this application to reach intelligent business decisions. The sales analytics contains very rich information as well as actionable insights. Before you know what is happening, you have been able to achieve your set goals in good time.

Loyverse is designed to address numerous point of sale management aspects despite its being free.