Review of Linga POS System


Linga is the world’s first open platform. This cloud-based iPad POS system is very robust and helps business owners in the management of inventory. It is designed for all restaurant types. It contains everything you would need to run a business effectively. Among its many features are:

1. Available Even When Offline

Even when there is no internet connection, you are assured of this application to be fully functional. You can make use of Linga without a computer, server, or an additional iPad. This is an innovative way of using a POS system. It allows the iPads to work independently of a computer, server, or another iPad.

2. Multilanguage and Multicurrency

This feature makes this application ready to serve businesses all over the world. It has the capability to adapt to over 30 languages. The beauty of this feature is the offer by the support team of this software to customize any language of your choice on the application if it does not exist already.

3. Table Management

You can optimize the flow of your table with this feature. It is a management feature that allows you to know how many tables are occupied at every point in time. This helps you to track how much time a customer has spent on a dining table and how much check a table has made on the average. All you need to do is design your floor plan, and this feature would help you do the rest.

4. Split Checks

What this feature aims to do is offer your customers more flexibility. What it essentially means is that checks can be split using this feature. There is also the possibility to combine or have single or multiple items transferred to an entirely different check.

5. Pizza By Slice

This is another innovative feature by Linga. It extends the options which customers have to do things just the way they like it. It is designed to be a way to allow customers the use of their creative side. The ability which it gives customers enables them to have their pizza customized down to the very pizza slice.

6. Delivery Dispatch

When your customers book to have their meals delivered to them, you do not want to keep them waiting endlessly to get their request. This feature helps out by grouping your orders according to the destination and the estimated time allowed. This tactic ensures that your drivers reach customers in time using the least amount of resource.

7. Bar Tabs

What this feature lets you do is to allow you check up on tabs that are open or closed by name, last four digits of the credit card, or the order number.

8. Dashboards and Reports

Reports are always essential, and the dashboard through which it is viewed is also important. This lets you keep track of your key performance indicators. It beautifully displays your transactions, net sales, refunds, and so much more. At just a glance you can get an accurate view of what your activities have been like.

Lingo has been able to look at POS solutions from a whole different light. Business owners would love to use this innovative software.

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