Review of GiftLogic POS Software


Retail businesses get all the help they need in the handling of payments, keeping track of inventory, in addition to keeping track of sales figures when they use GiftLogic POS software. The POS is offered for free to give you the control which you need for your business. With the ability to track customers, custom orders, and loyalty programs, retailers who use this software are no longer overwhelmed with analytics, customers, and inventory.

GiftLogic offers a gold standard support and training program which builds your team for success. Apart from the support for all elements which this software provides in a retail environment, it has the following benefits:

1. An Easy to Use Layout

The Register of this software is very easy to be configured. It helps retailers by providing logical solutions which help them to run their businesses optimally. It can track customers, custom orders, in-house accounts, lay-aways, and loyalty programs. It is easy to access all these features because of the layout of this software.

2. Inventory Control

There is no more fear that after spending so much time taking stock of your inventory that you are going to come up with inaccurate figures. The inventory control system of this software makes it possible for you to track the details of your stock accurately. You can get a more detailed report if you use item characteristics. Some other benefits of this feature are the ability to create your own labels as well as schedule promotions among other things.

3. Purchase

This software takes the hassles off purchasing with the help of the GiftLogic PurchasePal system. This allows you to automate the purchase order system which also has a positive effect on your inventory. When your purchasing and receiving are accurate, it means your inventory would start on a good note and maximize its profitability and turn rate.

4. Reporting

This is one other area which helps business owners because of the input which it provides. GiftLogic has a management dashboard which stands out. Viewing of reports is simplified on this dashboard which offers more than 200 reports to choose from. There is the provision of complete store analysis which makes the identification of trends and patterns a seamless process. Users who want to make quick evaluations that are accurate and well informed can rely on the standout dashboard management feature for a perfect view.

5. Improved Customer Experience

You would be able to improve the relationship which you have with your customers by taking advantage of the CRM tool of this software. With the names of your customers, their phone numbers; emails; purchase history; and photos, you would always be in a good position to interact relatively well with your customers.

Your marketing would be on point while your analytics would make you know what to offer your customers at all times. With the provision of historical data, you would always relate with your customers because you know what the customer likes, does, and discussed with you the last time.

These benefits of GiftLogic has helped lots of businesses to keep their contacts organized enough to take advantage opportunities that present itself.