Review of Aloha POS Solution


Aloha is touted as one of the most popular names in the credit card processing industry. This software which can be mastered in as little as a few days performs electronic transactions that match the needs of restaurants. Part of what this application provides for its users are the software, hardware, and financial processing services.

Small and large businesses depend on this POS system because of its multi-functionality. This POS solution with an optimization for handheld and mobile devices has the following features:

1. Delivery Management
Part of the ways for restaurants to improve their profits is to reach out further to their customers. If a regular customer for some reason is unable to come to the restaurant, having the meal of choice delivered to the customer would help in creating a good experience. With the help of this feature, you would be able to offer this service and track when the meal actually reaches your customer. This feature has helped in customer retention as well as an increase in sales.

2. Order Entry
The way you take an order from a customer gets better with the use of this feature. At every point in time, you know what menu is available and what is not. If for instance, a course is now available, it can easily be added to the menu. So, when a customer wants to make an order, the customer would find all the menu available and be able to make an order which would automatically be relayed to the kitchen.

3. Internet Unavailability
Unlike in the case with some POS solutions, you can still use Aloha even when there is no internet connectivity. This feature helps the business always to be available to customers who would not want to experience any delay as a result of a downtime. When the internet becomes available, the software automatically reconnects itself.

4. Security
There is no fear of your credit card being compromised. The security provided for this software meets all the requirements of PCI DSS. Customers are more comfortable making payments on a POS system when they are assured of adequate security is in place.

5. Payments
Making credit card payments is a breeze. You would not experience a long queue as a result of this software not being quick enough to accept payments from customers.

6. Mobility
This software is designed to work well with handheld devices and mobile phones. This works quite well as you can access the functionalities from anywhere. Your waiters can be able to take orders from any part of the room, and so on. This makes the whole process very convenient for your customers and staff alike.

7. Reports
All the reports you need to gain useful insight into the workings of your business are available on this software. You have reports for product mix, server sales, total sales, and so much more. They are all geared to furnishing you with information that would aid you in your decision making.

Aloha has so many more features which help business owners to run their organizations profitably.