LivePOS Review: 3 Pricing Plans


This POS solution which is designed to serve both small and mid-sized retailers has two parts. Its hybrid system consists of a front end which handles checkout transactions wirelessly and the back end management. It is cloud-based and can serve retailers who have up to 100 stores. With the over 700 features that it has, this software is equipped with a terminal which runs the LivePOS program and the system that focuses on sending sales to the server through the web. You can customize any feature to fit your needs.

LivePOS is affordable and offers three pricing plans which are:

1. Single Outlet Pricing Plan

This plan costs $89 monthly with an agreement required. It will cost you an extra $29 each if you require an additional checkout lane. The features which this first pricing plan has includes a real-time dashboard, customer relationship management, and sales and inventory reports. You also get an inventory management feature and the ability to access it using a mobile device. There is the provision of a live phone support every second of every day.

Some of its other great features include the availability of a hardware support and the seamless integration with QuickBooks. You also get to use an employee payroll, and commissions feature with a shift scheduler for your employees. There is an integrated credit card processing and a vendor purchase order features. Some other features include customer groups, LivePOS Open API (OPI), sales competition, app center, chat and SMS alert.

2. Growing Chain Pricing Plan

To get on this plan involves an agreement with a monthly fee payment of $129. You would also need to pay $29 each for an additional checkout lane. The features which you find on this pricing plan are all that you get on the single outlet pricing plan plus an eCommerce integration.

There is the regional support as well as custom access levels features. You also get tags and special order processing feature. You can create an invoice using the invoice and account receivables function. You also have the customized tenders and work order and repair features. A franchise management dashboard is available under this pricing plan.

3. Franchise Pricing Plan

The fee for this plan is not made public. You would need to call the LivePOS team to get a quote. There are additional features which you get on this pricing plan above what the Growing Chain pricing plan offers. The plan and feature customization allow you to customize features in the exact way which you want it to be. You also get access to an enhanced support and training. You are also provided with a franchise dashboard and custom reporting to avail you with all the insight you need. Your business would definitely get a boost with the marketing and third party business intelligence feature.

There are so many features available to those who use LivePOS systems. You can choose any of its pricing plan which is tailored to fit your business needs. They even offer to train your staff so that your business can begin running immediately. For businesses who need an extra, the franchise pricing plan would design the special features which are specific to your business. The aim of LivePOS is to give every business, small or big, the perfect system for them at the best possible price.