iConnect POS Review: Benefits for Business Owners


Businesses which operate from multi-locations or scale with franchises use this application to grow their technology with them. iConnect is comprehensive and offers the mobility you need for running your entire business from a single POS app. This cloud-based iPad POS system is designed to improve the ease with which entrepreneurs do business. The capabilities of this powerful POS solution come with a beautiful exterior. Business owners who use iConnect do so because of the following benefits that it offers:

1. Business Intelligence

The reports which this software provides can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere. This application provides the common tradition of using bars, columns, lines, and pie charts to display data. iConnect also offers an innovative way of displaying data different from the traditional option. It uses visualization techniques to project compelling presentations which simplify how information is communicated both internally and externally. This is possible because of the capability of this software to import these displays.

Your sales, marketing, and operations teams use the business intelligence features of this application to prepare critical financial reports. They are also able to analyze the data it gathers to spot trends which their organization can take advantage of.

2. Employee Management

One of the valuable assets which an organization has is its employees. They are the ones who perform the daily tasks for which an organization is known. Your ability to manage them is crucial to the progress of your business. iConnect makes the management of your employees’ schedules an easier task. It handles overtime, schedule shifts, time-off requests, and vacation time. You are offered flexibility in your payroll options because of iConnect’s ability to automatically calculate sales commission as well as track the commission rates of each employee.

There is also the availability of a comprehensive calendar system that allows your employees to book appointments, have appointments set up, as well as use emails or text messages to send out alerts to external customers. The ability of commissions and timesheets to be fed directly to your payroll system makes the process of preparing employee paychecks seamless. If you deal with complicated royalty management, iConnect allows you to calculate royalty as a percentage or a fixed amount by purchase.

3. Security

iConnect backs all of its features with powerful security features. It also offers operational support. At any given time, this application can automatically track a computing device that runs iConnect. It complies with all the rules which guide businesses who use a POS solution to accept credit card payments. It extends its security features beyond just being PCI-compliant by tokenizing every transaction. It prevents fraud and hacking attempts by employing the latest encryption standards. With this technology, credit cards can be swiped from your smartphone or iPad. You can create, issue, and process gift card payments from your store directly.

With the access you get to real-time information, iConnect provides all you need to make sales as well as recognize your loyal customers. Its power and flexibility make it a POS of choice.