5 Best Point-of-Sale Software for Small Business


At the mention of a POS system, what typically comes to the mind of people is the acceptance of payment as well the processing of sales. This application which is the lifeline of business operations does much more than that. It possesses some other features such as customer data gathering, inventory management, marketing tools, staff management, task automation, and so much more. These capabilities make the running and growing of your business seamless.

The following is a list of best point-of-sale software for small business:

1. Square Register
This application offers a free solution that accepts payments with your Android or iOS device. It has functions such as inventory tracking, item management, and real-time sales. The benefits which it offers are quite numerous with the vendor improving the software with new features and regular updates. This POS software is known to encourage fast transactions, manage inventory, generate sales reports, and store digital receipts. It also offers smart reports and analytics which are used for the generation of insights on the operations of the business for intelligent business decisions to be made.

2. Fast Spring
This application works very well with websites that sell apps, digital products, Saas, and software, Developed by eCommerce experts, Fast Spring helps users to maintain an eCommerce engine and database. It offers innovative features which are used for the promotion of sales. It is robust enough to cater to customers who are abroad without compromising either of their privacy or security.

3. Skubana
Once you own an eCommerce site you would thoroughly enjoy using this app to boost sales. With the provision of modern features, this beautifully designed software is said to receive over 1,000 orders each month. This application is intuitive which explains why its users can save time as well as improve work efficiency. With the meaningful insights that are gotten from its robust reports, users of this application can make smart business decisions. Its ability to manage eCommerce websites is made possible because of its numerous useful features.

4. Booker
The major attraction of this software is its user-friendly business management app. Its ability to manage a business effectively has benefited lots of organizations. You can use any Internet-connected device to see your business information anytime from anywhere. This application allows your customers to book appointments from your mobile app, social accounts, or website. The tools made available by this software has been proven to be reliable and secure. You can track and report all of your business activities as well as use the reports to identify the areas where you do well and those which require an improvement. The application partners with some sites which you can use to expand the reach of business and gain new customers.

5. Toast
Restaurants are the major beneficiaries of this POS solution. Accounts of its users are easily updated, and it has useful features which are employed to enhance the satisfaction of customers. Restaurants use this application to manage online ordering, stock, as well as restaurant bookings. These functions improve the capability of your organization and help you save valuable time. As you provide quality service to customers, you can use the functionalities of this POS solution to track relevant data.

Consider this list of best Point-of-Sale Software for small business if you are not using a POS yet to power your business.