5 Best Mobile POS Systems Ideal for Small Business


Businesses now embrace mobile POS systems as they learn of how they can conduct business anywhere they are. They are ideal for small businesses who accept cashless payments but do not operate out of an office or store every day. The list of best mobile POS systems include:

1. Square

This free mobile POS features inventory management, invoicing, an online store, and an offline mode which captures credit card information in the absence of an internet access. It works well whether you use it as an iPad register or on your mobile phone. It is designed for small businesses such as small retail and foodservice businesses, home and repair services, professional services, salon services, and so on.

2. Spark Pay

This application serves as a mobile POS system with basic register functionality and a mobile payments service. There are excellent features such as barcode scanning, customizable electronic receipts, and inventory reporting. It also offers the functionality of a register when used on an iPad. There’s a free plan and paid plans. The customer support team of Spark Pay offers great assistance too.

3. PayPal Here

This is the processing arm of the industry giant – PayPal. It offers businesses who have a PayPal business account an easy method of accepting payments on-the-go. It integrates seamlessly with other PayPal services. It allows your PayPal account to be funded same-day if you have a PayPal merchant debit card. You are also able to receive direct payments made from other PayPal customers’ accounts. There are features which PayPal Here makes available to its users such as cash and check recording, invoicing, multi-user support, and QuickBooks integration. If you want a mobile POS system that works with Windows phones and tablets PayPal Here is one of the few options available. It perfectly fits coffee carts and mall kiosks and can be used to complement regular POS.

4. Intuit GoPayment

QuickBooks diehards love the fact that it integrates easily with the accounting software. The affiliation it has with QuickBooks is not the only good thing about this mobile POS solution. It comes with a merchant account and has features such as invoicing, recurring bills, branded emails and text message receipts, in addition to the ability to have credit cards processed from a web browser through a virtual terminal.

5. Sell on Etsy

Artisans and crafters use this mobile POS to accept payments when they partake in conventions, craft fairs, or any other event. The free app easily connects with your Etsy account. Only persons who own an Etsy account can use the app and card reader. The app allows you to sell in-person and run your online store. Apart from benefiting from the online traffic which an Etsy platform provides, it offers business management features such as discounts, email receipts, and online/offline inventory syncing. For those who do more of online sales, Sell on Etsy is a good mobile POS solution.

Mobile POS has helped business owners stay in touch with their business while they are on-the-go. This list of best mobile POS systems is made up of applications which have helped business owners quite well.